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the jazzhopper: graphic novel about Miles Davis   

the jazzhopper

a miles davisual

This graphic novel guides you trough the fascinating world of one of the most extravagant stars in the endless firmament of Jazz; Miles Davis.This musical chameleon was responsible for the most important innovations in the historyof Jazz music.

In this sparkling and turbulent graphic novel ‘The Jazzhopper’, the life of the pioneering
trumpet player is unravelled in an anecdotical way. Some of the most amusing and juicy details of the trumpeter’s childhood, love life and early
career are revealed in more than 50 pages of overwhelming semi-realistic drawings. The
graphic novel gives an entertaining history of jazz and shows which giants of jazz and
celebrities crossed his path.

With his frameless form the illustrator breaks with the classical and conventional form of
comics or graphic novels, and takes us on a delirious trip through the jazz scene of New
York and Paris from 1950 till 1990.

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