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electric barbarian artwork

LP & CD artwork for band

Electric Barbarian


Identity artwork for experimental fusion group Electric Barbarian. 

Electric Barbarian is without any doubt the most eclectic jazz ensemble of the past decade. The band embraces elements of hip hop, funk, drum'n bass and turntablism alongside jazz improvisation.

Electric Barbarian proudly presents their new release: "Barb Wire" (W.E.R.F. #106)
Produced by Werf records from Bruges.

Music composed by F.I.M. Vermeulen

Poems by Langston Hughes
The CD contains recent material of the Langston Hughes project, premiered at the Shanghai World Fare in 2010. Beside the hardcore line up of Electric Barbarian it features the fine fleur of European Jazz and Contemporary music with special features for Mary Oliver, Jozef Dumoulin and Monica Germino.
November 2012 Exco Music releases the vinyl album of Barb Wire, especially made for vinyl lovers.



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